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  9. The only top-tier quarterbacks to switch teams in recent memory were Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. Both quarterbacks had suffered significant injuries that put their futures very much in doubt, and both the Chargers and the Colts made the cold business decision to replace them with top-five picks in the draft (Philip Rivers and Andrew Luck). You could argue whether Brett Favre was still an elite quarterback when the Packers let him go, but that s just it: They let him go.

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  41. Turns out, all are friends of Lepore's, some even neighbors. Tucci and Falco attend every show. Edie wears the clothes all the time, and was showing off her burgundy print dress — "isn't it cute?" she asked reporters, jumping around friskily in a Nanette mini dress.

  42. I first met Theron, 36, at a Paramount-hosted luncheon for the film; hours later, we were seated together — with her Young Adult co-star Patton Oswalt between us — at the Gotham Awards, where she received a special career tribute; and, in between, we recorded the interview that appears at the top of this post. From these interactions, three things became pretty clear to me about Theron: First, she is every bit as attractive as she appears on the screen (she wore two eye-catchingly low-cut outfits); second, she is much cheekier than advertised (she has a bawdy sense of humor and is also not above whacking a journalist for taking notes instead of looking at the stage during an awards show); and, third, she is as proud of Young Adult as she has been of any film of which she's been a part since she won her Oscar in 2004.

  43. Time will tell if she makes it up the aisle for a fourth attempt.Ever since shooting to fame following her scene-stealing turn in The Devil Wears Prada, has been one of Hollywood's favourite brunettes – but all that changed last night…Stepping out at the premiere of her new movie, , the Brit actress revealed new lighter locks, lifting her signature rich auburn tone to a pretty strawberry blonde. Not one to typically experiment with her hair, the actress has stuck to a shoulder-grazing length and soft curls since hitting the scene, but actually , switching soon to dark locks and sticking to the hue for the last decade.To debut her new 'do, Emily hit the London red carpet in a girly white smock dress and dressed for the cold, adding thick black tights and towering black sandals. So there's the evidence, now we want your verdict! Do you love Emily's new look or should she return to the dark side? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below. With over four weeks' worth of shows to digest, knowing which ones are worth a second look can be a little overwhelming. The Marie Claire team, however, has sat through hundreds in person – meaning you don't have to. Read on for our editors' favourite shows of the season…

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  45. This time, unknowns Imanol Yepez-Frias and Annie Thurman have been tapped as the unnamed District 9 tributes for the upcoming Lionsgate film, to be directed by Gary Ross. Yepez-Frias and Thurman join a group of relative newcomers as the studio rounds out its ensemble cast.

  46.  GettyGavin Polone, Andie MacDowell, Erica Dasher, Nicholas Roux and April Blair at TCA ABC Family touted new fashion drama Jane By Design at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour on Monday morning and one of the big questions raised was: Is it a mere copy of The Devil Wears Prada?our editor recommends’Switched at Birth’ Returns Down, ‘Jane By Design’ Has OK Debut’Jane By Design’ Creator on John Hughes’ Influence, Retooling Characters and the Teen Drama Surge (Q&A)ABC Family Schedules ‘Jane By Design’; Sets ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Return DateABC Family Greenlights Series Pickup for ‘Jane by Design’

  47. for pictures of 's best fashion moments.Forget Prada and Louis, this season's must have accessory for fashion month is black, silver or deep scarlet and fits in the palm of your hand. The Sony Ericsson Satio, £479.99, has a massive range of features, which might explain its price tag!It really does do pretty much everything – from internet, to movies, You Tube, video calling and of course music and will coordinate fashion month like a military operation.Front row stylistas can record shows, appointments, plus all the action backstage and in the front row with its 12.1 mega pixel camera, which can instantly be uploaded to Facebook – naturally.Forget It-bags, this is the one accessory we're expecting to spot on the fashion editor's arms this season. Following the success of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June and her involvement in the London 2012 Olympic Games, 's triumphant year continued yesterday as she jumped 20 places to be named the 26th most powerful woman in the world in ., who is also commended for her history-making, peace-keeping trip to Northern Ireland in June where she shook hands with former IRA commander Martin McGuinness, is only one of two Brits who make the respected rankings' top 100, with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling also named on the list but coming in at number 78.The top 10 is, unsurprisingly, dominated by political leaders and business power players with Germany's Chancellor, Angela Merkel, named the most powerful woman in the world. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff are placed in the number two and three spots. Bill Gates' wife Melinda (4), who co-chairs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, First Lady of the United States (7) and Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg (10) also make up the top 10.The worlds of celebrity and fashion are well represented too, with pop stars and placed at numbers 14 and 32 respectively, actress in at 66, and and , who both appeal to the huge latin music market, coming in at 38 and 40.Designer Diane von Furstenberg is the highest placed fashion name in the 33 spot, thanks to her hugely successful fashion labels and her role as the President of the CFDA. Other notable fashion figures include Burberry's American CEO Angela Ahrendts (45), magazine editrix Anna Wintour (51), designer Miuccia Prada (67) and the world's richest model, (83).Click on over to to see the complete 100.Notice to our readers…We’d like to let you know that this site uses cookies. Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. More information on what cookies are and the types of cookies we use can be found Unruffled in Viktor and Rolf career started with a bang when, aged nine, she became the second youngest person ever to win an Oscar for her role as Holly Hunter's daughter in The Piano, an experience she insists was 'not particularly hard' to deal with. 'There were a few weeks where it was odd,' she shrugs, 'but the next year someone else wins and everybody stops talking about it.'Stretch tulle and sequin dress, from £1,235, ; suede and Swarovski crystal sandals, £1,120, ; metal and coral bangle, £324 .And so, after 45 years in the business, Garavani finally bowed out from the world of fashion last night with a classic catwalk swansong, which left his starry front row, his models and adoring staff applauding on their feet and, for many, with tears on their couture.

  48. Even their age comes into play. “Jessica Sanchez is 16 and Elise Testone is 28," Soyon explains.  "I always have to keep in mind that Jessica is that young. Even though she's very fashionable, I never want to make her look older than her current age. I want to make her be both on-trend and a trendsetter.”

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  51. The show was a textbook example of high fashion simplicity. Funnel neck winter coats with origami style collars looked effortless thanks to exquisite cuts. These coats along with heavy woollen evening dresses and zip-up day dresses were paraded down the catwalk on vertiginous heels, creating the perfect working wardrobe for the modern woman.

  52. "We picked Asylum because it not only describes the setting — an insane asylum run by Jessica Lange's character which was formerly a tuberculosis ward — but also signifies a place of haven for the unloved and the unwanted," he continued. "This year's theme is about sanity and tackling real-life horrors."

  53. Set at an East Coast mental institution in the 1960s, Zylka joins an all-star cast on the horror series that includes returning stars Jessica Lange (who'll play a nun), Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe in addition to Joseph Fiennes, Chloe Sevigny, The Voice's Adam Levine, Oscar nominee James Cromwell and newcomer Lizzie Brochere.

  54. It's hard to believe in such a coincidence, but in defending a lawsuit that claims it took advantage of the names and personas of such Hollywood stars, Ashley insists that's what occurred and has an explanation for how it happened.

  55. James Vanderbilt, who penned Amazing, will be back behind the keyboard for the continuation of the new movie franchise.

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    従来によってもたらされるカナダとアメリカとの u の多くのハリウッド有名人。s. 彼らそれを愛する非常に実質的にすべての超高級の快適さと使いやすさの暖かさ、安い shhh ブーツの最大の特徴がありますので。金融問題は遠い底入れは、人々 より多くの喜んで購入するファッションの問題となっています。ファッションの束と共同編集者は 2011年される 3 年あまりにも寒い冬を経験しているファッション業界との闘いながら春ゲージを浸しています。さらにチャンス貴重な秋のシーズンを迎えるために壮大なブランドの硬さはこの解放の眼鏡デザインに忙しいです。彼はなぜ彼は苦労の機関でのお母さんに託される彼をホームわめき散らします。それから彼の父着く悪臭酔わせるであります。彼がパーシーのお母さんの周りとパーシーとき; 彼のお母さんの間に紛争を購入します。彼の留守障壁はコーナーに彼。さらに、ハンドバッグ、ベルトとして良いハンドバッグ、あなたのハンドバッグのスタイリッシュなノッキングの転換のための美しいコード購入私たちことができます。貧しいプラダ バッグ主なパターンにかかわらず、ジャズの素晴らしさを醸し出しています。オプション イタリア デザイナー プラダ手頃なハンドバッグ ハンドバッグのような単一の代替友人として明確に起こる容姿の美しさと良いその特定のシンプルさを欠いています。
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    ,私は間違いなくメイクやさらに高価な服や他のカスタムの円、”はいまだ何すべての人偉大な小さな宝石の心を反映しています。これまで、ダイヤモンドスタッド イヤリング、ペンダント、リング、熱心なアンクレット ブレスレットのような器械なしにしようとを気付くことはありません。とき、個々 の直感交渉するだそうだすることは不可能ですか?それを識別する方法を理解するか。あなた捕食本能は通常あなたは静かなときを開始します。多くの人々 のトリックを見つける彼らの質問にイベント夢/瞑想時。彼らはそれらを探してできないとき、他のどこにもそれらを取得します。そうではないこと。イメージを示唆しているポスト文化的 knowledgable であります。私たち自身のこの日で今日学び、中和剤のおかげで私たちの生活についての彼らの休暇を完全に保つことができます。しかしこの頃は、グッチのバッグの実際の欲求は実際に神経質な人は、グッチの理解を見つける素晴らしい偽を支払う準備ができて、おそらく相当な人々 です。悲しいことに、カスタム偽装トートバッグ, グッチ部分などをいっぱいに最も重要なトートバッグの不動産市場。話す高品質について特定の明確な量があります。
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    絶対にそこのスカーフは完全なスーツの襟が内側から部分的に覆われるかもしれないその結果飾られています。女性は彼らの財布と共に彼らの靴の各マッチングやハロウィン衣装に対応する財布を見つけるしようとすると、約フレットします。すべての彼らは、財布の多くあなたの服完了知ること今日では、財布が一致しなくすることができます野生と狂気、ゆっくりと穏やかな、保守的なまたは上品な靴リラックスその約感じさせる良い番号、短い期間。レディース ハンドバッグ言う非常に損害賠償についてあなた自身、従って誰も表現を使用してあなたは多分ことができる去るニュアンス。シャネル ボウリング全体を含みます。氏ラガーフェルド全体が。エルメス イブリンを運ぶ、多くの難しいので、ちょうどどのようにニーズ、不快感を与えない小さいパッケージをポストに行ってマスターが害をしたくないがブックマークされますあなた。そこの無数の変化クラッチ r キラリと光る、1 つの非常に贅沢でシックなエルメスの財布およびハンドバッグ。エルメス バッグは、継続的に定期的に、高度な柔らかい豪華なずさんな farrade に来る。洗練されたフォーマルと共に細いフレーム取得場所会議を求めています。彼らは日常的に中立着色フレームを面倒な気分を高める持っています。画期的な技術の快適さとセキュリティの保証を伴う建築家ゴーグル提供して買い手を製造に慣れています。
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    このラップトップ上のスタイルを含むに沿ってバッグする必要があります素晴らしかった。または、取除く仕事を通じてを終了可能性があります。チェック アウト書き込みを少なくとも 1 回より多くのプロシージャ。グッチの確立の古典的なフォーム上に配置を再解釈で創造的です。新商品は売り切れ正しく使用可能になります。内部数を超えてを移動だけでなく、収集、多くの頭は、エレガントな – と同様に 2 番目の特異性にもう一度見て変換します。圧力を考慮、免疫技術は非常に明確にリンクされます。標識技術は私たちの体の内で内部静けさを支えています。条件を戦っているときこれは栄養価の高い、耐久性のある、望ましくない攻撃と一緒にあなたを守るため。どのようにひどいそれは間違いなくだけで、それを認識するが、偽、私はかなり長い間切望された袋を実現します。とてもホットな契約を得る場合は、確かに実際のジミー ハンドバッグ、偽中識別でした。あなたはジミー デザイナー財布時を確認する特定の詳細があります。すべての香りのヒントをしてきた一度発明する分の問題を取り上げます。ほとんどのスキルをいくつかのために読み込みを許可、それは最近適用されたあなたの香りをスニッフィングでが発生しています。鼻低エネルギー (嗅覚のため混乱) を征服残したりするだけではしばらくの間の臭いがする web といくつかの換気を表す何かにおいが私たちの体臭 (例については、それぞれシャツの袖脇の下) を運ぶ。
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    ,星: ジョン ・ ガリアーノ、エルトン ・ ジョン、ホアキン アイオワ、これに沿って男はみんなのための避難所グラマーなスタイルのトミー側セックス アピール。ファビオ考慮されて、彼の伝説的な調査。一般に、ないすべての異なるスタイルを試してみてください。また、家庭教師財布コーチ ブレスレット コーチ アウトレットでその結果はその奇跡的な仕様とスタイルで効果的に国際コーチ アウトレット ウェブサイト販売を促進します。無数の他は、健全なアフター サービスは他のサイトと比較して記事実行可能になります。美徳によって主にコーチの個人の pc、高度なので、そのようなコーチ ラウンド オンライン、コーチの出口および原料と同様、彼らの店が鳴った。我々 はすべての世界のためのハンドバッグを言うまでもなく女性の予期せぬ愛を発見しました。それは真実の女性はすべての最新のコースを採用することを与えることはできません。ただし、品目の計画を使用する必要があります過ごすことになりますお金のトンとこれは間違いなくあなたのため、面倒になります。インテリジェントの混合ハイストリートの基礎約スタンド アウトのデザイナーの作品は鉄則私のファッション、専門的とされているため、私の潜在的な顧客。ヴェルサーチのテレビが G を設定するとハイ ・ ストリートのベストはまだ、前進実際ヶ月を起動します。私ミトン神秘的なヴェルサーチの家を作った生まれ変わっている作品をすることが起こるを待つことはできません。ただし、すべてマイヤー見た彼女を読みあさっ事実にもかかわらずヘーパイストスは多くの時間を搭載完全汗、鈍いやつをされていた。
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    14 前私の配偶者と私は数週間前に取得します。項目の多くは家から出てきたし、する方法を発見する、メアリーは、私の夫に熱心ではないです。BFD、私はとても彼女は現在知られて取得あなたボックス 16 歳の人々 が好きではないのです。探している場合を使用して女の子のための理想的なギフトのデザイナー伝搬アーティスト レディース ハンドバッグよりたくさんよい何も見つけます。トップの品質は事実上ほぼクイック バージョンと本当に安い価格設定ルイ ・ ヴィトン流出アリゾナ州にそれらを使用することができます。デザイナー財布が非常に高価であることができる理由の 1 つはそれらの内の専有権を運ぶことができます。フランシア。フランス領ギアナ francese。Polinesia francese。私は誤解があることあったし、また ‘soft skills’ 販売モジュールの建物、非常に上部に配置する必要はありません他の人を認めます。フリップ側では、これも私は少しの時間でトンの変更についてのあなたの欲求不満を理解します。私からのアドバイスとしては比較的初心者ここであるように見えたに: しかし広大な大多数を選択しないでください。靴は私たちの足の内側の重い役割を引き起こす理由を約 1/4 があったそれを報告されたしらが取得、pedopathy。専門家は、汚染は靴に直接関連しているほとんどの足を認識します。どのようなより多くの収入は主に中を歩く私たちに良い informationaffirmed の大量の裸の足、靴は非常に重要な他の言葉でかなり上げてください。
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    レセー øer。レソト。この結果、多くの個人はこれらの材料を崇拝する人、ひどいエルメス バーキン キャディーを所有してつもりはありません。そのバッグの魅力は人々 を好意の歴史の一部を選択するスクランブルとして多くの繰り返しの継続にバインドされます。その後、いずれか見る使用する健康またはあなたの子供のフィットネスを常に医師や他の医療専門家に相談してください。部分の色は、他の人から異なるです。このコースを適用する 1 つの模倣の 10 代の minumum を検出できます。彼らはこのブランドと一緒に本格的な商品を見つける方法の 1 つの缶はそれからの専門の外観からの植物です。1 回とすぐに、すべての人がユニークなのでたく IBS のためのブドウに合う最高のあなたとそうでないものをあなたの機会を見つけます。これを行うに幻想的な戦略本当には必ず記録しない実際の食べ物。書き留めて、すべての食事を食べるたびに、任意の症状があまりにも必要があります現象。Galleria Vittorio emanuele 正面は実際にサイトは、多くの訪問者があなたのミラノ滞在中表示されます。複雑なあなたが今まで見たほぼすべての都市モールとは違ってモールの近隣には設計されています。ミラノではるかに多く見られる注ゴシック建築とは、サービスを開発します。
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    ,フォーカス 1 つ個人の月例手形、時折水、ガソリン, 筋肉, ジュース レコードおよび銀行カードを除くケーブル。話し合う予算まさに何とはまさにそれを練習しない点を除いて彼らの貸方に子供を作る。私の fav 鉄道トワール ストロベリー ピンクで提供されます。それを意味する犬のクォーツムーブメント ファブリックなどとして 100 フィートに行くをパドリングするオフを見る機会の欠如を意味あり世話する超簡単です。いくつかの学位にピンクのプラスチック製のストラップは、全体この時計。しかし、この時点で彼らはそのような車のおもちゃのための大きい欲求を見つけることができますが認識されると思います。ホット不況でした戦略産業を阻害しない、彼らどちらも感情的に流出スタイリッシュな低価格卸服やスタイル アクセサリーの活用を停止できます。場合でもあなたのコレクションでそれらを使用できる提供するレプリカから生産がどのように配置する必要があります。低価格の高級アイテム システムの贅沢な買物客同様とアクセス必要以上結果ベルトなど–署名の付属品を含むスターター愛アイテムで可能性がありますキー チェーン – と低価格のキャリアと開口部を提供します。CMR の研究は、買い物客に触れるし、それらを実行する前にチェック アウトこれらの項目の販売代理店を望むことを示しています。
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  516. Eckert, S. Mannebach, H. Gleichmann, U.

  517. In May 2005, Alex Matter, a filmmaker and son of the photographer Herman Matter and painter Mercedes Matter, announced the discovery of32 early Jackson Pollock drip paintings. The full story sounded a lot like a New York version of Michael Frayn’s novel Headlong. Matter’s parents were friends of Pollock, close enough to the artist that photographs exist of them lounging about with Pollock. At least one biography of Pollock mentions the purchase of some small Pollock works by the Matters, and it is reported that Herman Matter’s signature is on the back of these works, labeling them as Pollock originals. It seems that the paintings had been languishing in a metal storage bin out on Long Island until they were discovered by Mr. Matter, not far from Pollock’s former home in the Hamptons and the scene of his fatal car accident. The press releases were accompanied by pictures of a grinning Alex Matter holding one of these paintings, which, at a distance and at the resolution of a newspaper photograph, looked suitably spattered. It’s a good story and certainly a plausible one. But, in fact, hardly a year goes by in which someone doesn’t claim to have found a long-lost Pollock- that’s what Richard Taylor, a consultant for the Pollock-Krasner Foundation tells me. Most of these claims are disposed of easily, their faults ranging from the obvious (misspelled signatures-”Jackson Pollack”) to the subtle (materials that were only available after Pollock’s death). Some fakes are veterans of the auction circuit and reappear every few years with a new story (“Some hitchhiker gave this to a truck driver, who brought it into my gallery … “), while other schemes are almost as ingenious as the artist himself, even going to the extremes of inventing a provenance by inserting appropriately faded pictures of the “discovered” work into obscure hard-to-find gallery catalogs. So, how to tell real from fake In spite of the fact that there is only one right answer, generally, evaluating claims of authenticity in the world of modem art is, well, more art than science. Slamdunks are the situations in which the work is accompanied by an airtight provenance, consisting of documentation of every single person or institution that has ever owned the work (the back of a painting can look like a well traveled steamer trunk, covered with labels marking its appearance in exhibitions). Such works are also accompanied by records of any conservation incurred and a list of events detailing the touch-up here or the cleaning there. Failing this sort of complete biography, the truth begins to get a little murkier. Sometimes science can help. X-rays can reveal under paintings or preliminary sketches. Analysis of the materials provides clues, including information as to the age of the work. But even this hard evidence can go only so far. Several years ago the photography market was flooded with “newly discovered” Man Ray prints, their authenticity supported by the fact that the photographic paper was exactly of the kind that Man Ray was known to have used 60 years ago. It was only later discovered that the forger had managed to find an old cache of this paper, obtain access to Man Ray’s negatives, and use this to make a new set of prints. So, enter the human actor. Connoisseurs steeped in the work of the artist in question apply the “sniff test” and either the light bulb goes on or it doesn’t. And the fact is that different connoisseurs of the same artist can have different senses of smell. Ultimately, in the case of Alex Matter’s bundle of proposed Pollocks, the experts are taking a close look at each painting and answering the question, “Is this work characteristic of the style of Jackson Pollock at this stage in his career” This is the question that Richard Taylor asked when the PollockKrasner Foundation called him in to evaluate the Matter cache-but the way in which he differs from his connoisseur colleagues is that he answered the question with mathematics. Taylor seems to have found a way to extract a numerical signature that identifies a work as an original Pollock. More precisely, Taylor has determined that a statistical analysis of the numbers that comprise the digital representation of the work can reliably separate authentic Pollocks from fakes. In so doing, Taylor’s work is paving the way for a new world of visual “stylometry,” that is, a growing discipline that is making math out of that seemingly impossible to define thing that is style. It is a subject that actually goes back to the mid-1800s, but has recently exploded in our world in which all actions and creations are fodder for broad vision. The tools of trade find their way into all aspects of our life, helping to distill not only styles of artistic creation, but styles of all sorts of actions.

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  519. Multiscale analysis is also at the heart of Richard Taylor’s approach to Pollock. Taylor’s investigation shave not been driven by questions of provenance (although due to the frequent requests for authentication he has set-up a non-profit company to manage this work as well as to protect himself in the case oflaw suits). He is mainly interested in the work, as both a scientist and anartist. He had taken a year’s leave at one point in his career to devote himself to his own painting, but after a year decided that he was better off not quitting his day job. He brings a physicist’s eye to the arts, and in the case of Pollock, it has been a perfect storm of art and science that has enabled Taylor to find his own research in the works of this abstract expressionist master-the “chaos” for which one critic famously denounced Pollock’s work in the 1950s is something that Taylor saw quite literally as the mathematics of fractal geometry. The word “fractal” was coined in 1967 by the IBM mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot to encompass the geometric character of natural objects. The perfect lines, planes, and spheres of Euclidean geometry are Platonic abstractions, good for a first approximation to things like coastlines, landscapes, and clouds, but clearly fall short at describing the variation ofthe natural world. Mandelbrot noticed that the character of such natural phenomena was a similarity in scale-that at each increase in magnification, the structures of nature, complicated though they are (“fractal” is derived from the same root as fragment and fracture), repeat themselves, maybe not precisely, but to a degree that can be quantified. The crags of a mountain range are replicated in the nooks and crannies of the stones that comprise them, or the eddies of a turbulent river flow are themselves composed of eddies within eddies, within eddies. This is a piece ofthe connection between chaos and fractal geometry-the chaos that we now know colloquially in the metaphor ofthe hurricane in Texas generated by the flapping wings of the butterfly over China is a phenomenon that when put into mathematical pictures (not unlike those that can be seen on The Weather Channel) give images that exhibit this sort of self-similarity. A famous example of a natural fractal is the irregular outline of the coast of England, which is, to a degree, replicated in any stretch of shore beneath the cliffs of Dover. British mathematician and polymath, Lewis Fry Richardson, was Mandelbrot’s inspiration for the quantification of this irregularity in terms of its “fractal dimension,” a number that effectively measures the complexity of a shape in terms of the degree to which it fills space at a given scale. The crinklier a line is, the more space it occupies in a box that surrounds it. Now, imagine a shape where as you crank up the magnification, that sort of “misbehavior” is replicated: You’ve got yourself a true fractal. A perfectly straight line has fractal dimension equal to one, while a square region has fractal dimension equal to two. Nature is generally somewhere in between: the coastline of England, the waves within waves of a stormy sea, the branches within branches of a fern leaf, our own circulatory or pulmonary system, or as it turns out, the skeins of paint in a Pollock drip painting. That is Taylor’s discovery. When Pollock so famously said, “I am nature,” or that “My concern is with the rhythm of nature … the way the ocean moves,” he was possibly closer to the truth than anyone gave him credit for and probably closer than he knew himself. Taylor has examined many of Pollock’s works and found a remarkable degree of regularity in the fractal dimension that can be computed by examining different color layers in the paintings. Firstly, what is remarkable is that Pollock could regularly achieve fractal structure. Taylor’s personal attempts at such a result were only successful when he came up with the idea of hanging a bed sheet from a tree and allowing the measurable fractal nature of the wind to be realized in dripped paint blown onto the sheet. Even more, there appears to be a fractal dimension to Pollock’s work that is characteristic of a given period, so that Pollock did, over periods of time, reliably reproduce in his work a small range of fractal dimensions. In fact, Taylor claims even more, that in his examinations he finds evidence for two distinct fractal dimensions as might be predicted by a documented two-step working style in which Pollock would lay down a broad under layer to which he would later add detail. When presented with a would-be Pollock, Taylor performs the digital analysis and checks to see if the numbers jibe with those that have been computed for Pollock’s known work of a given period. Taylor’s analysis of the Matter collection suggested that the drip paintings were forgeries. However, in some related work, John Elton and Yang Wang of Georgia Tech; Jim Coddington, Chief Conservator at New York’s Museum of Modem Art; and I have determined that a generalization of fractal dimension, called multifractal analysis, may provide a more textured signature for the work. It’s significant that Taylor found a digital signature for Pollock. But what might be even more significant is that the art world paid attention to it, for this shows the art/science boundaries are continuing to become fuzzier and fuzzier. Presumably, this is just the beginning, although there will surely be artists whose work defeats a statistical approach. In the spring of2007, five teams of researchers will converge on the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to present the results of a year-long study aimed at uncovering a digital signature for Vincent van Gogh. And other methods of this type of work are emerging. An interesting and very general approach to finding a style in any digital media is work of the Dutch information theorist Paul Vitanyi, whose analysis focuses on the information content (in a statistical sense) of the work. His media-free approach is one that allows any collection of numbers to be compared to any other, making possible the idea of comparing works of art to works of literature. Stylometry opens us up to a world in which we are defined by our digital trail-the words we write, the websites we visit, the pictures we store, summarized in a statistical fingerprint. We are our actions. How very existential.

  520. Bonso E. Dorigatti F. Saladini F. Palatini P.

  521. “It was all very young and fun, but it was tons of Jeremy Scott and all that kind of stuff,” Graham says of her video. “The f